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I’m Asha, the founder and lead Clinical Psychotherapist at mindAbility Hypnotherapy. I help my clients to gain confidence and greater emotional control using the power of hypnosis. Unlike traditional forms of therapy, we do not need to explore traumatic events to help you move forward.  If you are tired of trying to understand how you got here Hypnotherapy could be for you. It is a gentle and yet effective way to implement change. Based on the latest neuroscience research and using the best of NLP techniques, I have supported many clients to lead happier lives. Clients have also reported feeling braver; calmer; patient and more accomplished.  This has lead to improved sleep; better relationships with significant others; increased productivity; reduced physical ailments and resilience to deal with events when they don’t go to plan. We also specialise corporate well-being and growth mindset programs for UK based companies.
Asha Berzon - Multi-Award-winning Therapist- BSc (Hons) Psychology - Hypnotherapy Practicing Diploma - Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - Registered Bodies NCH, AfSFH, CNCH



Anxiety affects 3 million people in the UK, with 1 in 6 adults in the past week have suffered from a form of anxiety. We understand the difficulties associated with anxiety. We’re here to help.


Number of people suffering from depression in England effects 1 in 4 people within their life. Find out how we are able to help yourself or someone you are concerned about.


By recognising that being mentally healthy is important we can help support staff, help them to be both productive and lead fulfilled personal lives. Building a resilient workforce is a beneficial for the company and is socially responsible.

What our clients have to say about their experience...

'Had the best experience undertaking this hypnobirthing course. Asha is a fantastic teacher and made me feel so at ease. She is so positive and inspiring about pregnancy, labour and birth, we learnt so much from her.'
West Midlands July 2020
'I underwent hypnosis with Asher, after having a recent attack of anxiety and depression. Her calm warming manner helped me overcome my recent difficulties. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'
West Midlands May 2020
'My experience with Asha, has been life changing for me. Suffering with anxiety and depression for 16 years I now feel I have hope for the future. Asha is very professional and has been great to work with. Thank you so much.'
West Midlands February 2020

Please Note: Solution focused hypnotherapy is very effective. However, results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Success is dependent on your willingness and commitment to make changes.  Your FREE initial consultation is a 15 minute telephone consultation.

Kim Freeman
30. April, 2024.
After struggling with anxiety I decided to seek the help of a professional. Choosing Mindability Hypnotherapy was definitely the right decision for me and I can highly recommend it. Asha helped me to understand and address my anxiety in a positive, calm and relaxing way. She has been truly wonderful and has helped me to sleep much better. I now feel confident, happy and more like myself again. Thank you Asha
Lynette Chandler
22. January, 2024.
I went to see Asha suffering from anxiety and stress. She explained to me how the brain works before we commenced our sessions.Asha was calming,reassuring and gave me coping mechanisms. As a result of Asha's work I am now feeling much happier and confident. I cannot recommend Asha highly enough
Lauren Hackett
24. August, 2023.
I recently had hypnotherapy with Asha for my fear of flying. Myself and Asha had several sessions which I cannot put into words how helpful they were. I said after 1 single session that my thought process had changed dramatically in normal day to day life. I cannot recommend her services enough, Asha has changed my life.
Alex Stapleton
13. August, 2023.
I wish to say a huge thank you. I originally attended for my phobia but as an added bonus, these sessions helped me manage a particularly challenging time that I was experiencing. I now feel equipped to keep my stress bucket empty and remain calm and focused when faced with difficult times. I would definitely recommend mindAbility Hypnotherapy for anybody who needs a little bit of support and to recharge.
Sammi Huntbatch
23. June, 2023.
I originally met Asha through a workplace mental health group session and felt that she had made the session really interactive and interesting. Asha is very personable often linking her own experiences which makes you feel so comfortable. I had lost my mum 4 years ago and had been experiencing feelings and thought processes that really weren’t me. When I went to see Asha, she made me feel like I wasn’t crazy/mad but that it was all about how I was seeing things in a negative perspective, in the course of 8 sessions I now have a more positive mindset when approaching things. To the point that people who are around me daily have noticed the difference in me and have commented on it. I cannot thank Asha enough for the support she has shown and would highly recommend her to anybody I come across who feels like they are struggling with their mental health.
Carol Colclough
17. February, 2023.
Asha a local Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist recently gave Heart of England Women’s Institute a most interesting insight into her work and how we can improve stress management in our daily lives. Our ladies were impressed with her professional and caring attitude.
Justin McCarthy
8. January, 2023.
I had heard about hypnotherapy and was curious but a bit sceptical. Asha put me at ease with her confidence and personal approach. I went from being shy going to a session to looking forward to them in such a short space of time. The difference Asha made to my life is hard to describe. I was fumbling around making unhealthy choices and running myself into the ground. With Asha's help I turned it around completely. I can't recommend Asha highly enough. There's just not enough stars on here to give all that she deserves so 5 will have to do for now. I'll be eternally grateful to her for helping me through one of the lowest points in my life.
Lee Crowton
21. November, 2022.
I went to Asha suffering with anxiety and from my very session I was amazed at how I was starting to feel. Asha is one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of meeting, extremely knowledgeable, funny and she really makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I highly recommend Asha to help you with any problems you may have 👌🏻👌🏻
Gary Beggan
30. September, 2022.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Asha Berzon of Mindability who has delivered a workshop to my karate club students to help them develop a winning mindset. The whole process was completed in a very professional manner with Asha checking her understanding of our processes and procedures before producing the course material. Her attention to detail especially the language and terminology we use was fantastic. This allowed the students of all ages to resonate with the message in the training thus providing a valuable resource for future use. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your business and you to my friends and family and will continue to support you through social media wherever I can. Thank you so much
Mrs Harper
14. September, 2022.
We visited Asha recently as our eldest daughter (11) was struggling with sleep anxiety which was starting to really impact on other areas of her life. The change since starting the treatment is incredible, Asha has educated our daughter on how to take control over her own anxieties. We have been so impressed and have seen such a positive impact on the whole family as a result. We are not at the end of the journey and continue to see Asha, if we can help our young people navigate adolescence with as few mental scars as possible and offer them resilience it's worth every penny.