Staff Mental Wellbeing

Like physical health, we all possess mental health, which can become unwell if not looked after. Like physical health, it deserves attention; otherwise, feelings of stress and overwhelm can become prominent.

Whether it’s fatigue, loss of focus, anxiety, or guilt, the pandemic, the living crisis, political uncertainty, and financial downturn have significantly affected our mental well-being. And there’s an abundance of data to support that claim:

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Why do you need to support your team?

Almost half of the workers reported working despite not feeling mentally well.

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Work-related stress is the most common form of stress

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Nearly 70% of staff reported feeling embarrassed or ashamed

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Employers see an average return of £5.30 for every £1 invested in proactive well-being strategies (Deloitte 2022)

What I offer and why:

Mindability offers a wider range of services to meet staff and business needs. Credibility is critical, and our training courses have been externally verified and CPD accredited. Courses include: 

  • Signature Pillars Of Wellness Programme (4 X 2.5hr or a 1-day event)*
  • Stress Management and Resilience Workshop (3 hours)
  • 1-1 Hypnotherapy Session (1hr)
  • Online Wellbeing Portal

Measuring Outcomes is essential to evidence my services do make a difference to staff. It also demonstrates that you can be confident that you have invested in a service which meets your needs. On average, delegates reported experiencing an increase in confidence and happiness by 52%. Both these factors are critical to staff remaining in work, happy and engaged. 

To date, 100% of delegates reported that the courses had made a difference in managing their mental health. These comments have been extracted from a recent survey completed by participants:

“The services were excellent and allowed me to take time out of my day. I enjoyed the relaxation at the end of the session before starting my day of work.”

“I feel the workshops were brilliant; thank you for your time :).”

“They were easy to understand and delivered in a flexible and approachable manner.”

“I liked the guided meditation at the end. I liked the practical parts, like writing thoughts down when guided to do so and small group discussions. I liked thinking about ‘sparkly moments.”

“Very informative and interesting. I will be creating habits and prioritising my health and well-being. Also, practising remembering positives when I am feeling overwhelmed or sad.”

Unlike most facilitators, I am a Practising Clinical Therapist. Therefore, there is a requirement that I continue to engage in continuous professional development, ensuring my clients receive the best possible service.

Companies who we have helped and support their teams:

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Whether an inhouse session or our own online portal mindAbility Hypnotherapy can support you and your team. 

The online portal is available to corporate, business and organisations on a bulk user basis.

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What our clients say about us

Here are a few of our client reviews after they received Hypnotherapy services by mindAbility. We are immensely proud of the results our clients achieve.  If you would like to know more about how we can help you too please contact us or arrange a FREE telephone consultation.

Please Note: Solution focused hypnotherapy is very effective. However, results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Success is dependent on your willingness and commitment to make changes. 
*These features are available in selected service packages

*1 day course is approximately 6 hours long.