Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the MindAbility Hub of resources to help you self-manage and improve your mental well-being. While we (you and I) will not have a direct working relationship, there are still expectations we are bound by. The MindAbility Hub is only available to UK residents.

Our Limitations and Your Responsibility

When you purchase the material, you will have unlimited access for 12 months; you are responsible for ensuring you can and are able to do the work on the portal. Like with therapy, this portal cannot guarantee outcomes as this is influenced by many factors, including commitment, desire to change, use and application of the material.

Material on this Hub focuses on your intended goals, challenging your perspective and suggesting alternative options for consideration and advice for change. The material is not designed to replace formal therapy if it is required. Like with all self-help material, you decide if intervention is required, adequate and relevant to your needs and does not replace a Mental Health Practitioner. The material is not designed to provide a diagnosis, and you are responsible for seeking medical advice if you are unsure about using the material on the Portal.

If you seek support from a Mental Health practitioner, refunds are unavailable as the material can continue supporting your overall well-being and lifestyle changes. Likewise, if there is a change in your personal circumstances etc., refunds are unavailable. Once you have purchased access to the Hub, it is up to you when you decide to access the material. If you choose not to or it no longer meets your needs (or they have been met), refunds are unavailable.

Ensure you keep your password and details for the online portal safe. This information should not be shared, or your account can be locked out. This portal has been designed to make material accessible to everyone; It is important that you have adequate funds to pay for access.


You will not be expected to share any personal information about yourself, such as your previous diagnosis. MindAbility will also take the appropriate measures to ensure any personal information (i.e. bank details and home address) is stored securely, in line with GDPR. MindAbility will not share your personal details with any third party without your express permission OR process an action on MindAbility’s behalf only (i.e., making secure bank payments). MindAbility is bound to this by the Association for Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy code of conduct.


Part of my role as an accredited Practitioner is to challenge existing perceptions and support changing behaviours. All material has been created to be inclusive (where possible) and respect neurodiversity, learning style and diverse communities. However, I am human, and if the material upsets you or it is your perception that it is not respectful of specific communities, please email me at asha@mindability-hypnotherapy.co.uk to discuss your concerns.

At the time of the production, all materials were developed and written based on the latest research and evidence-based techniques. However, these can become outdated and/or irrelevant as time progresses. The onus remains with MindAbility to review and amend material at regular intervals.

The MindAbility Hub was created to provide quality self-management material while providing good value. Every six months, a module will be added to the Portal as part of MindAbility’s commitment to providing value and ongoing support.


Access to the Hub is unlimited for 12 months. All modules are available to you, and it is at your discretion which modules you access. You will need an email address to access the Hub. Renewal of a 12-month membership is automatic on the date of sign-up; you will be reminded 28 days before the expiry date. During the 28-day notice period, you can either cancel your subscription or take no action, and it will automatically renew.


Even with the best endeavours, websites do sometimes become unavailable. MindAbility will ensure the portal is available within 48 hours should any problem occur. Additional time will not be added to the subscription period.

Guided Meditations and MP3

Please be aware that when using the guided meditations or self-hypnosis tracks, you have read the guidelines and are suitable to use the material provided. It is not the responsibility of MindAbility to assess your suitability. If unsure, please speak to your GP or medical practitioner for further advice.