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Here are a few of our client reviews after they received Hypnotherapy services by mindAbility. We are immensely proud of the results our clients achieve.  If you would like to know more about how we can help you too please contact us or arrange a FREE telephone consultation.

'Had the best experience undertaking this hypnobirthing course. Asha is a fantastic teacher and made me feel so at ease. She is so positive and inspiring about pregnancy, labour and birth, we learnt so much from her. My husband and I came away feeling confident and learnt so much about hypnobirthing. Asha is very professional and knowledgeable in her area of expertise of hypnobirthing. I highly recommend her, thank you again Asha for the support!'
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West Midlands- July 2020
'I underwent hypnosis with Asher, after having a recent attack of anxiety and depression. I had tried numerous medications from my GP, I found that they had little or no effect. I have always found it difficult to talk about my issues, but with Asher it just seemed much easier and relaxed . Her calm warming manner helped me overcome my recent difficulties. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'
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West Midlands- May 2020
'My experience with Asha, has been life changing for me. Suffering with anxiety and depression for 16 years, trying antidepressants,CBT and one2one counselling over the years with no changes or improvement with my anxiety and depression. I have been seeing Asha for over 5 weeks now and I have changed so much. I feel in control over my thoughts and feelings. I now feel I have hope for the future. Asha is very professional and has been great to work with. Thank you so much.'
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West Midlands- Feb 2020
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'I am so happy that I tried Hypnotherapy with Asha, she is calm, friendly and focused and I really enjoy the sessions with her. I have massively reduced my anxiety and increased my positivity. This has resulted in me being able to follow a diet plan and lose over a stone in weight. I really cannot recommend her enough.'
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West Midlands- Dec 2019
'Asha first met me in January 2019. I had suffered a breakdown due to severe anxiety and depression. As a result of this I became completely withdrawn from society and wasn’t able to leave my house due to fear of having panic attacks from my anxiety. I wasn’t able to deal with the simplistic routine of day to day life such as getting out of bed and holding a conversation with others due to my mental health. From the first initial consultation Asha made me feel at ease and comfortable with discussing personal issues and the mental health illness I was suffering. Asha set me weekly goals which week by week I was able to fulfil. Asha always focuses on the positive of your progress which resulted in me becoming more confident and slowly easing the anxiety and depression and social exclusion I was suffering with. With all the support, learning techniques and friendly and professional treatment I received from Asha after a very long 6 months I was able to return to work and became the ‘old me’ again but with a much clearer and positive mind set and approach to life. I honestly can’t thank Asha enough for all the hard work she put into helping me. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. She has taught me that it’s ok to have ‘bad days’ and then to focus on the ‘good days’. I can’t recommend Asha highly enough to anyone looking for support.'
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West Midlands- July 2019
'From the first meeting to the last, Asha made me feel very comfortable and was very easy to talk to. She helped me to understand the feelings I was having at the time and tailored our sessions to the problems I was having the most trouble with. It gave a good end goal to achieve (which was nice to look back on to see how far I had come) and it also made our sessions feel very personal. I couldn’t fault Asha’s work and am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is ready to put in the effort and move on from any personal problems. It has truly changed my life for the better and I will be using all I have learned in the future and forever.'
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West Midlands- July 2019
'Asha is truly one in a million. Her support, help and guidance honestly changed my life. I had no hope until I met Asha. She changed my full outlook on life, thanks to her I am living my best life by being the happiest, bravest and courageous person I can be. I can highly recommend her'
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Manchester - June 2019
'Hypnotherapy is not something I would have normally looked at but tried it. It definitely worked. Everyone gets stressed and has difficulties in life and this taught me how to manage this better. Asha was professional and knowledgeable throughout. My overall happiness and well-being has improved so the treatment was a success for me.'
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Dorridge - February 2019
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'Since starting my sessions I have definitely notice a positive difference. I am able to relax more and reduce my anxiety by using the knowledge of how my brain is working. This has enabled me to take some control over my thoughts. It is also a very good way to calm me down and help prevent stress becoming an issue. I look forward to the session each week and I will recommend others to try it.'
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Meriden - August 2018

'Asha was incredibly helpful when I started visiting her anxiety and low confidence. She was really kind and easy to work with. I would recommend her services to anyone'
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Solihull - April 2019
'We decided to have hypnotherapy after my daughter was not happy, was anxious and wanted to change the way she felt/saw things. After 8 sessions, with excellent a more relaxed and positive sees things in a more positive light. Thank you Asha, for all your help and enabling my daughter to believer in herself again and make the changes she wanted to'
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Balsall Common - January 2019

'I've struggled with sleeping for the last 18 months. I've been sleeping tablets on/off and was finding it really hard moving on from a toxic relationship. After four weeks of seeing Asha, I no longer take sleeping tablets, now I'm able to sleep throughout the night. The whole process has helped me have a more positive outlook on my life and environment'
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West Midlands - July 2018
'Since I began my hypnotherapy sessions with Asha, my life has started to change. I suffered from depression and anxiety and was in a cycle of ups and downs. I were letting all my negativity and stress take over my emotions and actions towards myself and others. Hypnotherapy has given me the awareness of certain triggers that me feel low and stressed. Now that I am aware of these triggers, I have now broken the endless cycle of feeling low, stressed and anxious. Asha has helped me to think positive in every situation based on my personal needs. During my sessions with Asha, I have always felt comfortable and relaxed. The sessions are designed to meet my needs and was leaving them feeling motivated and happt, ready to take on my endless "to do" list wholeheartedly. These sessions have not just changed my personal life but my family life too. We are not able to enjoy the times we have together as a family rather than distancing myself or making excuses in avoiding certain situations. Before I started my hypnotherapy sessions I were a little sceptical due to not being aware of what was involved. My preconception was that I would be put under and expected to recall and discuss past events (like you see on TV and films), rest assured it was nothing like that! I would like to thank Asha for this life changing experience. I have never felt so happy and in control of my life. '
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Kenilworth - August 2018
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