Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

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We all know what it is like to feel anxious from time to time. We overthink and anticipate the worst – that meeting or presentation. You feel irritable, edgy, cannot concentrate, and find it hard to sleep. These feelings usually pass because they are challenging for a specific time. You return to your happy self when it is over. However, when suffering from clinical anxiety these symptoms are persistent causing distress.

Anxiety becomes prominent when least expected, discreetly escalate without your awareness. Here are some common symptoms which when combined, may indicate anxiety.

  • Concentration- struggling to remain focused or constantly tackling negative thoughts as the mind is preoccupied with the event causing the anxiety. Everything else is insignificant and can muddle our thoughts.
  • Chills- anxiety affects body temperature due to the rush of neurochemicals.  This might be followed by sweating, you might recognise this as the ‘cold sweats’
  • Palpitations – when the body has been flooded with the panic neurochemicals cortisol and adrenaline, the chance of experiencing increased heart rate is likely.  However, if this is a regular occurrence, speak to your GP.
  • Shame spirals – when the mind takes an event and repeatedly plays it to support a negative belief we hold about ourselves. Resulting in feelings of shame, inadequacy, and other negative emotions.
  • Over-controlling- if there is a desire to control every aspect of your life because the fear of the consequences is a possible indication of anxiety. This can also have an impact on relationships.
  • Perfection – seeking perfection can be linked to the above. It is associated with overthinking.
  • No – or the inability to say no to others as you strive to meet their expectations in order boost self confidence and/or fear of losing control.
  • Poor sleep- as a result o the number of obtrusive and repetitive thoughts we might be experiencing. There is a clear link between anxiety and sleep issues. For the same reason that we struggle to focus, it can prove difficult to switch off when it is time to sleep.
  • Procrastination – an inability to decide as the mind is flooded with many thoughts hindering any possibility of a rational conclusion.
  • Skin conditions – the stress response triggers hormones which in turn, influence our hair follicles and skin cells. It is likely that pre-existing conditions may be affected during a challenging period.
  • Irritable – When the stress response is activated, the ‘fight’ can present itself as being less patient, becoming bothered over little annoyances and over-reacting frequently.
  • Gut/ digestion – stomach cramps, bloated, feelings of nausea are common response when anxious. There is a complex relationship between the gut and brain and if the equilibrium is unbalanced, symptoms noted above are common. 

We understand anxiety is difficult when you are persistently struggling- it can affect your quality of life and relationships.  Research shows that hypnosis can help ease the symptoms described above. 

We have worked with numerous clients, helping them to lead happier and fulfilled lives. On average clients are seen between 4-8 sessions but varies on clients’ needs.

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